Do’s and Don’ts of Dumpster Rentals


Do order a separate dumpster if you’re disposing of concrete. Concrete should be disposed of in a dumpster with no other items.

Do place heavier objects in the bottom of the container.

Do break down big, bulky items to maximize space and use care when loading.

Do adhere to the terms of your dumpster rental contract.


Do NOT fill past the “Maximum loading Level Line” that is clearly marked on the dumpster.

Do NOT toss hazardous waste in the dumpster.

Do NOT block the container with a vehicle or trailer.

Do NOT attempt to move the dumpster with your equipment or a third party’s equipment.

Do NOT allow children to play in, on or around the container.

Here is a list of several materials that should NOT go into a dumpster:

Electronics – computers, televisions, VCRs, DVDs

Appliances – microwaves, fridges, toaster ovens

Paints and solvents– oil-based paint, lead-based paint, paint thinner

Pesticides – no chemicals, granules, liquids or sprays

Oil and gas– motor oil, lubricants, gasoline, petroleum

Yard Waste – grass, leaves, branches. You can put these
in a dumpster, but you must rent a separate dumpster for these items.

Light Bulbs –fluorescent bulbs, incandescent bulbs

Batteries – car batteries, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries

Tanks of oxygen, propane, gasoline, etc.


See our list of Dumpster Alternatives below for disposing of these items. Or call ABC at (612) 439-9222 to get pricing for our team to collect and dispose these materials.
DUMPSTER ALTERNATIVES At ABC Rolloff, our goal is to keep as much material out of landfills as possible. Here are some helpful resources that will help you clean out your home-some at no cost! Service providers are sorted below by the County where the facility is located.


Carver County A to Z Residential Disposal Guide An easy-to-use tool that’s useful for all Twin Cities Metro residents, not just Carver County. The site directs
you how to dispose of items. Search by item name or category.

Metropolitan Mosquito Control District: Free pickup and disposal of unwanted tires.

Green Lights Recycling: Electronics, appliances and mattresses and box springs are broken down and kept out of landfills.

Certified Recycling: Offers pickup and dropoff for reasonable fees.

Paint Care: is a non-profit organization that represents pain manufacturers formed to keep paint and other architectural coatings out of landfills. The link will direct you to the
nearest store for recycling dropoff.

Washington County Environmental Center:

Second Chance Recycling: Mattress recycling for the entire Twin Cities. There is a small fee, but mattresses are big objects to keep out of landfills!

Bridging: Do you have furniture that’s in gently used condition? Bridging has warehouses in Bloomington and Roseville. They also have pickup options available for a fee.

City Tech Recycling: Pickup and dropoff in Forest Lake. Appliances, electronics, furniture and scrap metal.

Tech Dump: Computers, cell phones, tablets as well as batteries, televisions and small household appliances.

Best Buy Stores: Check the site for availability and guidelines. Available at most stores.

Minnesota Computer Recycling: A guide to computer and electronic recycling statewide.

XCEL Energy Refrigerator Recycling: Free pickup with a rebate for Xcel Energy Customers.



Anoka Recycling Center: A full list of accepted items can be found here.

Coon Rapids Recycling Center

Anoka County Hazardous Waste Facility

Andover Recycling Center

Blaine Recycling Center


Carver County Environmental Center Dropoff: and a free product room for reuse pickup.

Carver County A to Z Residential Disposal Guide: An easy-to-use tool that directs you how to dispose of items. Search by item name or category.

Rural Recycling Sites in Carver County: Alternatives to the main site.

Organics and Yard Waste: How to properly dispose of waste that has the potential to be composted.


Dakota County Recycling Zone: Drop off items for recycling.  The Reuse Zone is available for shopping and picking up items that you may find useful.

Randy’s Environmental Services: is another alternative to sending trash to a landfill. Some items can be dropped off for a fee, some have no charge.

Mattress pickup for Dakota County Residents: Ongoing dates with reduced costs for curbside mattress pickup. Site has
dates when service is offered.

Certified Recycling: Located in Burnsville, Certified recycles 98.6% of the items dropped off. Page includes the price list for recycling items that have a fee.

Electronics Recycling, Rosemount: minimal to no fees for household electronics.


Bloomington and Brooklyn Park: Drop off facilities with a list of accepted items and reusable items in Bloomington and Brooklyn Park.

Green Disposal Guide: Clear direction on where to take specific items, including the ability to search by the item being recycled.

Ongoing events for Household Hazardous Waste Collection: Check here for locations near you offering dropoff for household hazardous waste like aerosols,
automotive fluids and garden chemicals.


Yard Waste Collection: Ramsey County has seven locations for yard waste collection. This page details what can and cannot be dropped off at the

A to Z Recycling and Disposal Guide: A detailed breakdown by category of where and how to dispose of items for your home or business.

How Do I Get Rid of This?: City of Roseville’s guide to where to take items for disposal.

Ramsey County Household Hazardous Waste: Year round site as well as a monthly calendar for mobile site collection of oils, lead
and other hazardous household waste.



Washington County Environmental Center: Dropoff and a free product room for reuse pickup.

Washington County Yard Waste Dropoff: A list of sites offering free drop off throughout the county.

Washington County Disposal Directory.: Providing tools and guidance to businesses, schools, non-profits to recycle better.
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